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Class Terms and Conditions


All dogs must be kept on a leash and by their handler's side.  Handlers are always and solely responsible for their dogs actions. If you are not watching and a fight breaks out; that is your fault and the fault of the other inattentive owner. Pay attention to your dog at all times and follow the guidance of your trainer.  If you do not understand or find something confusing, stop the class and ask.  K9 Fun Works, and/or the property owners are NOT to be held liable for injury to any individual or any dog; owners will assume all liability for themselves and their animals.  Children are the sole responsibility of their parents and are not allowed in the training area during class sessions unless they are the handler of the dog.  Bags will be provided by K9 Fun Works, but owners are responsible for cleaning up pet waste on the training yard or park grounds.



All dogs must have current vaccinations and proof must be supplied or the dogs will not be admitted into the training class.  Tags do NOT constitute proof of vaccination- bring your "rabies slip" or other veterinary written documentation your dog has had his shots. Puppies under 3 months are too young for Rabies vaccination, but must have parvo, distemper, parainfluenza, and adenovirus vaccinations.  Kennel cough (ITB/bordatella) vaccinations are not required, but are highly recommended.  Any dog found to be ill will be excused and will be given an opportunity to make up any missed classes at a later date.  Any communicable illness a dog suffers from should be reported to the instructor for the safety of the whole class.  Failure to do so can result in dismissal from the remaining class sessions.



I do hereby grant and give K9 Fun Works the right to use my or my dog(s) photograph or image with or without my or my dog's name, both singly and in conjunction with other persons or objects in presentations, advertising, publicity, and promotion.


All classes will begin and end promptly as scheduled. It is your responsibility to arrive early enough to potty your dog and prepare for class. Homework is assigned each session and it is expected all such will be completed before the start of the next class. Handouts are to be read and followed, and any questions should be addressed to the instructor at the earliest point in time. Don't let things pile up. Discuss problems promptly with your trainer.


Classes and training lessons are sequential, so it is important to attend every session. If you miss a class, you must contact the instructor to obtain the homework assignment or schedule a makeup session. Missing more than one class without completing a make-up session will result in your not being eligible for graduation/completion certificate.  No refunds will be given.  If you sign up for a class, it is expected that you are committing to that class.  If due to illness, family emergency or other such situation you cannot complete the course, you will be given a transfer to the next available class.



I do hereby acknowledge I have read and understand the above instructions, as well as those given in other handouts, and do hereby acknowledge that I am solely responsible for my own behavior as well as that of my dog and that the information I have given in both verbal and written form concerning my dog is both accurate and true.  I further acknowledge I will not hold K9 Fun Works, and/or the instructors as individuals responsible as to my own safety or that of my dog, and acknowledge that neither K9 Fun Works, the property owners, nor the instructors are personally liable for the behavior of any dogs or persons in the class or on the grounds.

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