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Private Obedience Training


Your schedule does not allow you to participate in group lessons.

You have a highly reactive dog who would be disruptive,  or you have a dog who is not confident enough to handle a group situation.

You want primarily to work on problems with your dog in your home and are not interested in attending a group class.



Training with Dina offers REAL solutions to behavior problems and an improvement in your relationship with your dog, in addition to learning traditional obedience commands and household manners. Dina is a NADOI member in good standing (#1084C) and a NADOI Certified Obedience Instructor. Fees include travel cost (El Paso area), individualized homework plans, and email/phone support. Private lesson appointments are normally available weekday mornings or afternoons. Evenings and weekends are generally reserved for group and competition classes. Please call or email for available appointment times. Depending on the kind of training you need and/or problems you wish to solve, you may need to purchase/obtain supplies such as leash, collar, soft treats, crate, dog bed, and other training products that may be helpful in training and managing your dog. You will be advised of the list of supplies during the appointment booking, and often additional supplies are recommended during the initial session.

Questions? Phone 915-588-2938 or

Email K9funworks@gmail.com. Use the registration button below to sign up.

All private training in progress will resume once the shelter in place is lifted. Thank you for your patience & understanding during this uncertain time!  I miss all of you!  If you are a new student looking to get started, please fill out a registration form to be placed on the wait list (choose pay in person, and you can pay once an appointment is available)



Two (2) in home sessions AND either Puppy Kindergarten OR Good Manners group 6 weeks (depending on age): Initial consultation (up to 1 and 1/2 hours) and one (1 hour) follow up session at your home, plus 6 week group course. $240.00. Not currently available evenings or weekends.


Problem solving and basic commands - Initial consultation (up to 1 and 1/2 hours) and three  (1 hour) follow up sessions in your home for $240 (2 dogs $300) or at my favorite park (NE El Paso ) for $175 (2 dogs $225). Not currently available evenings or weekends.


More Complicated Problem solving and/or all basic commands - Initial consultation (up to 1 and 1/2 hours) and five  (1 hour) follow up sessions in your home for $360 (2 dogs $450) or at my favorite park (NE El Paso ) for $250 (2 dogs $320). Not currently available evenings or weekends.


A minimum commitment of six (6) in home private sessions for $450.00 is required for aggressive dogs. This includes the initial consultation and evaluation of up to 2 hrs ($100.00) and five follow up sessions of up to 1 ½ hours ($350.00). “Aggressive” means any dog over 9 months of age who has purposefully bitten a person and caused injury, or who showed intent to bite a person but was unsuccessful only because of owner intervention (i.e. owner pulled dog away in time). Aggression towards other dogs causing injury resulting in a vet visit may also fall in to the “aggression” category, depending on the details of the incident(s). Training at other locations (such as the park) is only offered on a case by case basis, and management tools may be required to ensure the safety of the trainer, the owner, the dog, and the public. Owner must understand and agree that their goals will be limited by the dog’s temperament and personality, and that while behaviors can be modified, aggression will always have to be managed for the dog’s lifetime. Each situation involving aggression is different. If you have an aggressive dog you would like help with, please call or email first to discuss your dog and your individual needs. An evaluation will be required to determine if your dog is a good candidate for a training program.

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